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Bookkeeping Services


Weekly bookkeeping services is best for clients that want a regular review of the status of their bookkeeping and want more of a hands-off experience with their books. This would include all the bookkeeping tasks needed on a weekly basis, as well as a regular weekly cash flow meeting. 


What's Included

QuickBooks Logo.png

QuickBooks Online Subscription


EasyStart, Essentials, or Plus subscription offered based on the needs of your business.

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Dext Prepare 



Accurate and effective receipt uploading software, with an easy-to-use app for your phone.

Optional: Weekly Email Review

Bank Matching & Reconciliations

Sales Tax &

WorkSafeBC Filings


Payment Processing

Invoicing &

Accounts Receivable 

Weekly Cash Flow &

Customizable Reports 


Payroll  Services

Billing &

Accounts Payable

Year End Review

& Reports

Weekly Cash Flow

Review Meeting 

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